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Arrest warrant searches in Waukesha County, WI, are offered by multiple state agencies and private players. Although both approaches are available as a civilian applicant looking for information on criminal history, your decision should be rooted in how you intend to use the data you find and who is the subject of your inquiry.

Such inquiries are often initiated to get a personal background report when people are considering adoption or immigration and, of course, when seeking employment in certain types of establishments. Although a green signal from a justice agency can add weight to your candidature, this option is understandably not open for anybody who has an active warrant from Waukesha County to his name.

Outstanding warrants can be served in any place, at any time, and even years after their issue. This means that walking into a state agency to seek a warrant search or contacting a justice department by any other means would serve as a prelude to arrests. For people who are faced with such a possibility, it would best to look for information on active warrants online. For this, you can use the application given on top of this page. You will see that it is only meant to collect information about the subject and not the applicant.

On the other hand, if you approach a state department to investigate the outstanding warrants and arrest records from Waukesha County in the name of your subject, you can get information on the criminal history and civil matters, particularly if you go to the office of the county clerk. For a state-level warrant search, you can connect with:

  • The sheriff’s: 515 W Moreland Blvd, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188
  • The magistrate’s: As above
  • The county clerk’s: 1320 Pewaukee Road, Waukesha, Wisconsin 53188

Of the 5000 criminal complaints filed in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, annually, about 1250 are made against acts of violent crime. Fortunately, the growth in the violent crime average between 1999 and 2008 has been marginal at less than 20%.

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