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The prospect of conducting an arrest warrant search in Green Lake County, WI for free, as enticing as it may be, is just a fallacy. If an agency tells you that they offer information on criminal history without charge, they are simply setting you up to collect your contact details which will eventually be sold off to pesky marketers.

The logic is very simple; it takes time and money to collect information on arrest records and outstanding warrants from all over the country. Furthermore, there are also expenses involved in storing this data and running the website, which is used as a client interface. So, why would a company incur these costs without the possibility of making some profit?

In fact, even state departments such as the police and the magistrate’s offices charge a fee for initiating inquiries into the issue of Green Lake County arrest warrants. The only department offering anything close to a free warrant search is the county clerk’s office. It is the responsibility of this agency to keep the court dockets for criminal and civil matters.

So, they don’t specifically assimilate this information for the consumption of the community as such. However, even they will charge for results that have to be offered in print, but you will only end up paying for the number of copies you take and not the actual inquiry into the issue of active warrants and arrests from Green Lake. To connect with a state agency for your inquiry into arrest records and warrants, you can use the contact details below or fill the form above to avail of the services of a private firm.

  • The sheriff’s: 486 Hill St, Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941
  • The magistrate’s: 492 Hill St, Green Lake, WI 54941
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 3188, Green Lake, Wisconsin 54941

The sheriff’s department of Green Lake County, Wisconsin, investigates no less than 300 criminal matters every year. However, only 5% of these cases are linked to violent criminal acts such as homicide and sexual assault. Also, there was a decrease of over 100% in the violent crime rates of the area.

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