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Like in the other geographical divisions of WI, you can seek an arrest warrant search in Ozaukee County from the sheriff’s office or the judiciary. The local police can get you details on when and why arrests occurred if an active warrant was involved in the picture and what transpired after the accused was detained.

The police will keep information on a criminal case from the time arrest records are included in their database to when the offender is eventually released back into society after the completion of the sentence. Of course, you can also find out about all outstanding warrants from Ozaukee County through the law enforcement agency.

The judiciary, which is a combined term used to refer to the magistrate’s offices and the county clerk, will also be able to help with crime history inquires. After all, it cannot be ignored that it is the judiciary that issues all arrest warrants in Ozaukee County. The magistrate’s office has the power to decide whether directives for arrests should be sanctioned or not.

The county clerk’s deputies merely help to maintain judicial records. These are stored in the database of the court dockets housed by the agency. In this repository, applicants can find details on criminal cases as well as civil matters. To find information through a warrant search, you can connect with:

  • The police: 1201 S Spring St, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074
  • The judiciary: As above
  • The clerk of court: 121 West Main Street, Port Washington, Wisconsin 53074

At less than 100 cases per annum, the crime rate of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, seems to be low compared to the other areas of the state. However, this situation may not prevail, given the growth of almost 50% in violent crime rates.

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