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Is this the first time you are conducting an arrest warrant search in Walworth County, WI? Then, you will probably appreciate information on how the process is undertaken, the advantages of looking for details on active warrants and arrest records, and when you should conduct such an inquiry.

The process of initiating a search for arrest warrants in Walworth County

If you need a formal crime history report, it would be best to approach a state entity. This can be done by visiting one of the offices mentioned below or writing to the agency in question. You will be asked to provide details such as the name and the date of the birth of the subject along with a small fee. The agencies you can approach are:

  • The sheriff’s department: 1770 County Rd NN, PO Box 1004, Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121
  • The magistrate’s court: 1800 County Road Nn, Elkhorn, WI 53121
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 995, Elkhorn, Wisconsin 53121

If you are looking for information, use the form above, and you will be redirected to a database owned by a third-party establishment. In this repository, you can find details on arrests and active warrants from all over the country.

Why should you be looking for information on Walworth County’s outstanding warrants and arrests?

These inquiries can help you to spot criminal elements before they get too close to you, your loved ones, and your workplace. What is more, you will even be able to find out about the civil litigations in a person’s name if you get in touch with the county clerk’s office. This information can further help you decide whether it would be prudent to involve yourself professionally with an individual.

Can you get any information pertaining to Walworth County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)

  • Information about recent arrests- 262-741-4500 (Walworth County Jail).
  • Information on prisoners and current inmate search- 262-741-4510 (Corrections main phone number).
  • Information on accessing arrest records and police reports- 262-741-4470 (Records Division).
  • Information on criminal investigations- 262-741-4421 (Investigations).
  • Information on arrest warrants- 262-741-4400 (Sheriff’s Office main phone line).
  • Information on criminal court records- 262-741-7012 (Clerk of Court).
  • Information on victim’s assistance- 262-741-7198 (District Attorney).

Latest crime statistics of Walworth County

Property crimes accounted for the majority of the nearly 93 crimes reported in Walworth County in 2019, with 82 complaints. There were about 17 burglaries and around 60 larceny thefts in this category. In the category of violent crimes, there were 11 reports of aggravated assault.

When would be a good time to look for crime history data?

This would be as good a time as any to conduct a warrant search in Walworth County, Wisconsin, given the area’s annual crime rate, which stands at over 1800 incidents. Let us not forget the county’s violent crime average at 8% of the annual total.

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