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Like in other parts of WI, you will be required to visit a state office in person for your arrest warrant search in Crawford County as well. However, all three departments that can provide details on the issue and serving of active warrants work out of a single judicial complex means less work for applicants and more information procured within a given period of time.

The three government departments that make up the state’s justice network; that is the office of the county clerk, the court of the magistrate, and the sheriff’s office, can all be found at 224 N Beaumont Rd, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821. Together, these agencies don’t only keep information on Crawford County outstanding warrants and arrest records but also on the issue of other judicial orders, including those that call for arrests such as bench warrants.

The office of the magistrate can also supply details on the release of criminal summons and subpoenas. Similarly, the county clerk’s department can be contacted for non-criminal case records, which can be found in their court dockets database. In fact, this agency will let you conduct your own warrant search, as they make their service terminals accessible to civilian applicants.

Apart from this, you can also find generic civil and crime-related information. For example, the sheriff’s office can furnish details on arrests and warrants and provide crime statistics for the county and a most-wanted list. The clerk’s office also keeps information on birth, death, marriage, and probate. Of course, you will need the subject’s name to find all this data and have to provide details about yourself to access the information.

The crime rates of Crawford County, Wisconsin, are quite low at less than 140 cases per annum, and only about 5 of these complaints are made against violent crimes. However, this is where the good news ends, as there has been a growth of almost 100% in the rates of violent matters and a rise of nearly 30% in the occurrence rate of reported crime.

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