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Information on Wisconsin outstanding warrants is not only maintained by the office of the sheriff that is responsible for their execution but also by the two branches of the judiciary that have a part to play in the pre-warrant hearing. The office of the magistrate issues active warrants while the department of the county clerk maintains the court dockets that have information on the serving of these orders as well as the arrest records that go with them.

There are several mandatory provisions that have to be followed when it comes to the issue of arrest warrants. These orders are always in writing and they bear the signature of the issuing authority- that is the magistrate. Apart from this, the substance of the charge, the section number as well as the name of the crime is clearly stated on the arrest warrant.

How does information furnished in the active warrant help in arrests?

The copy of the original complaints filed with the court is attached to the arrest warrant. This means that the cop handling the detention will have the same details on the criminal matter as the court and the investigating officers. In addition to this, all the details available on the suspect will be included in the arrest warrant. So, peace officers will have the name of the accused, personal identifying details such as height, scars/tattoos, etc, current or last known address and the driving license number or any other detail that can help in making arrests.

The magistrate can also include conditions of detention and release in the order. For instance, if the crime is a misdemeanor, chances are that the bail amount will be stated on the warrant. Also, any conditions for arrests such as the night time execution of the warrant will be clearly stated. Finally, the date of issue and the county where the warrant was sanctioned will be included with a clear order to all police personnel to detain the accused on sight and produce him before the bench.

Who can execute active warrants from Wisconsin and how?

Unlike summons which can be served by any individual authorized by the magistrate, only the police can execute arrest warrants. However, an officer is allowed to ask a civilian to assist in physically restraining an accused if he is resisting arrest and the officer does not have help from legal quarters. Also, the sheriff’s department of the county in which the active warrant was issued can seek help from the police department of any other area of the state to apprehend the offender.

For serving active warrants from WI, police officers can go outside the county and the state. When the accused is taken into custody in another geographical division of the state or the country, he will be extradited to the issuing county. Peace officers are allowed to enter privately owned properties including premises owned by the accused to effect his detention. Unless, otherwise stated, arrest warrants linked to felonies can be served at any time and any place while misdemeanor warrants can only be executed in the 6 am to 10 pm margin, when the offender is to be picked up from his home.

How can you find information on WI active warrants?

The following sheriffs’ offices provide warrants lists on their website. This is a collection of data on all the outstanding warrants issued in the area that are yet to be executed along with details on charges and the name of the person against whom the detention order was sanctioned.

  • Barron City: http://www.co.barron.wi.us/warrants.cfm

  • Green Bay City: https://rfs.greenbaywi.gov/MuniCourtWeb/default.aspx

  • Columbia County: http://www.co.columbia.wi.us/ColumbiaCounty/sheriff/Warrants/tabid/1442/Default.aspx

  • Dodge County: co.dodge.wi.us/index.aspx?page=318

  • Eau Claire County: http://www.co.eau-claire.wi.us/departments/departments-l-z/sheriff/security-services/jail/warrants

  • Fon du Lac County: http://www.fdlsheriff.com/jail

  • Forest County: http://www.co.forest.wi.gov/docview.asp?docid=11423

  • Jefferson County: http://www.jeffersoncountywi.gov/departments/sheriff/10_most_wanted/index.php

  • La Crosse County: http://www.lacrossecounty.org/WarrantList/

  • Portage County: http://ww2.co.portage.wi.us/WarrantList/warrants

  • Janesville City: http://www.ci.janesville.wi.us/index.aspx?page=340

  • Sauk County: https://www.co.sauk.wi.us/sheriffsoffice/warrant-list

  • Wood County: http://woodcountysheriffsdepartment.com/warrants.htm