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Active warrants from Wisconsin are court sanctioned orders for detention. The Criminal Code of Wisconsin, section 968.04 states that a magistrate ought to issue a warrant when it is apparent from the complaints filed with the bench that a crime did occur and that this was committed by the person in question. This process is known as the establishment of probable cause and it is a legal mandate that has to be fulfilled before an active warrant is sanctioned.

The police have to get in touch with the local tribunal that handles criminal matters when seeking an arrest warrant. Typically, it is the magistrate’s court that will release these orders along with other judicial decrees such as search warrants, bench warrants, subpoenas and summons. Of course, at any time, the district court or any other tribunal of a higher order may also issue an active warrant as required.

When are arrest warrants from WI sought?

An active warrant is not needed when an accused is already in police custody. Also, the police will go in for the arrests when they have probable cause to believe that the criminal act was committed by a certain perpetrator and the incident is a felony. Another likely reason for seeking an arrest warrant is to keep the case alive when little information is available about the offender or when the culprit cannot be found.

Misdemeanor charges, where a police officer did not actually witness the crime, also call for the use of an active warrant. Apart from this, arrest warrants are routinely sought against people who have repeatedly ignored to pay traffic or civic ordinance violation fines, those who have evaded taxes, and people who have ignored a criminal summons.

How are bench warrants different from WI active warrants?

Bench warrants are another class of detention orders. Unlike, active warrants, these directives are issued by the tribunal without relying on case information from the police. The whole point of submitting a probable cause affidavit in court is to offer the magistrate details on the criminal incident and the evidence. However, if the court already has intimation of the crime committed, there is no need to adhere to this formality.

This scenario occurs when a person stands in contempt of court or when a court order is disobeyed. Bench warrants are issued by criminal as well as civil tribunals; however, their execution is left to the sheriff’s office. Typically, unless the bench warrant is issued in connection with a serious crime, these orders will get second priority as compared to active warrants.

However, this situation is rare since bail is rarely granted to defendants who are being accused of rape, homicide or such heinous crimes; even if bonded release is sanctioned, the bail is set for such a high amount that it is uncommon to have absconders. It should be noted that when you launch an inquiry into the arrest warrants issued against a person, you will be told about bench as well as active warrants.

How to conduct a warrant search in Wisconsin?

Even though there is no dearth of options for anybody who is interested in an inquiry on arrest records in Nebraska, the easiest way to find information on outstanding warrants would be to approach the local police for information on the most wanted lists of the area. Fortunately, some law enforcement and sheriffs’ departments are now offering this data online at:

  • DEA: https://www.dea.gov/fugitives/chi/chi_div_list.shtml

  • Green Bay City: http://www.432stop.com/wanteds.aspx

  • Columbia County: http://www.co.columbia.wi.us/ColumbiaCounty/sheriff/MostWanted/tabid/1443/Default.aspx

  • Fon du Lac County: http://www.fdlsheriff.com/patrol

  • Kenosha City: http://kenoshapolice.com/kenoshas-most-wanted

  • Appleton City: http://www.appleton.org/home/showdocument?id=6469

  • Price County: https://www.co.price.wi.us/CivicAlerts.aspx?CID=11

  • Racine City: https://www.cityofracine.org/Departments/Police/Quick-ID/Quick-ID/

  • Rock County:

  • Sheboygan City: sheboyganpolice.com/community/spd-most-wanted/

  • Walworth County: http://www.co.walworth.wi.us/Sheriffs%20Office/Sheriff/Most%20Wanted.aspx

  • Washburn County: http://www.co.washburn.wi.us/news/child-support/most-wanted