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Civilians who are interested in performing an arrest warrant search in Dodge County, WI, have the option of approaching a state department that deals in active warrants in one or the other way, or they can connect with a private establishment. Of the government entities, you can get the maximum information on your subject through the county clerk’s office.

However, if you are only concerned with criminal data, such as the issue of outstanding warrants from Dodge County in the name of a person and any arrest records against him, the sheriff’s office can also do justice to your inquiry. In fact, you also stand to get additional crime-related data such as area-wise incident statistics, a list of the most wanted offenders, and more.

The office of the magistrate is another branch of the judiciary that will entertain requests for warrant searches. Along with details on arrests and active warrants from Dodge County, the judiciary will also be able to furnish information on the issue of bench warrants, subpoenas, and summons.

As far as the clerk of court’s office is concerned, this department is in charge of maintaining the court dockets’ repository. Transcriptions of court proceedings are maintained for the civil and criminal tribunals. So, along with details on the arrest records from Dodge County and the release of warrants, you will also be able to find out about the non-criminal litigations listed in the subject’s name. The agencies mentioned herein are based out of:

  • The police: 124 West St, Juneau, Wisconsin 53039
  • The judiciary: 210 E Center St, Juneau, WI 53039
  • The clerk of court: 127 East Oak Street, Juneau, Wisconsin 53039

Approximately 1300 criminal incidents get reported in Dodge County, Wisconsin, per annum. However, the area’s violent crime rate is much lower at just about 60 cases each year, of which assaults account for the most at 43 incidents.

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