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Arrest warrant searches in Milwaukee County, WI, have been simplified by the fact that the local sheriff’s office provides a most wanted list on their website. Even though only offenders accused of serious crimes are included in the list, you may find your subject’s name in it, depending on the offense that he/she is being accused of.

However, you cannot get information on Milwaukee County arrest records through this list. This means that there is also no reference made to past crime data, including arrest warrants that have already been served and cases that have been disposed of by the tribunals. You will have to take your inquiry to the local police station or the judiciary for complete criminal profiling.

Fortunately, the magistrate’s office and the county clerk work out of the same location, as seen below. This means that apart from information on Milwaukee County arrests and outstanding warrants, you can also gather a wealth of additional information about your subject.

In fact, even records on civil cases will be well within your reach if you connect with the department of the clerk of court. Similarly, the magistrate’s court will be able to provide information on summons, bench and active warrants, as well as subpoenas. To take a look at the most wanted list of the police department, go to, or you can contact the state agencies in person at:

  • The sheriff’s: 821 West State Street, Room 107, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233
  • The magistrate’s: 901 North Ninth St, Rm 103 Milwaukee, WI 53233
  • The county clerk’s: 901 North 9th Street, Room 103, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53233

Clocking in one of the highest crime rates in Wisconsin, Milwaukee County witnesses well over 56,000 crimes per annum. Approximately 12% of the cases filed are against violent crimes, and there has been a growth of nearly 19% in this crime category.

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