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One of the many benefits of conducting an arrest warrant search in Trempealeau County, WI, is the ability to handle such directives before they come to bite you unexpectedly. Often, active warrants are issued in the name of an alleged offender without him knowing about it. In fact, there is no stipulation in the law that directs cops to intimate an accused of the fact that an arrest warrant is being sought against him.

Actually, cops thrive on the element of surprise, as this helps them to make arrests without giving the accused a chance to take to his heels. However, it would be prudent not to venture anywhere near a justice agency if you are sure that an active warrant from Trempealeau County may have been issued against you.

If this is true, you will be promptly detained. People who were in some way involved even in a minor legal infraction years ago and are not sure if they have an arrest warrant out against them will be better off looking for information on Trempealeau County outstanding warrants and arrest records online.

It should be noted here that active warrants do not go out of effect. This means once the local courts have sanctioned a legal directive of this nature against you, it will persist in the police and judicial databases till you are taken into custody. The only way to sort out the mess created by the issue of an arrest warrant is to get an attorney to work on your behalf. However, first, you should conduct a warrant search which can be done through:

  • Law enforcement: 36245 Main St, PO Box 67, Whitehall, Wisconsin 54773
  • Judiciary: 36245 Main St, Whitehall, WI 54773
  • County clerk: PO Box 67, Whitehall, Wisconsin 54773
  • Private agencies: Fill form above

Approximately 450 criminal matters are reported in Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, each year, and about 7% of these cases are filed in violent cases. The remaining complaints are made against property crimes, with thefts exhibiting the highest frequency in this category, at well over 200 cases per annum.

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