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It does not take a lot to initiate an arrest warrant search in Adams County, WI. In fact, the charges for conducting such an investigation seldom go over a few dollars. Also, if you visit the state agency of your choice in person, a few minutes is all that will be required to get the results of your investigation.

Government departments like the magistrate’s offices, the police, and the county clerk will all provide details on Adams County active warrants and arrests along with data about criminal cases and their disposition. Apart from this, the sheriff’s office can also offer information on the county’s crime figures and a most-wanted list.

The magistrate’s office, which issues all legal directives, including Adams County outstanding warrants, is in a position to furnish details on all of these, including bench warrants and criminal summons. The county clerk’s office is the only agency in this mix that can also provide details on civil litigations, apart from information on arrest records and warrants.

As they are responsible for maintaining the court dockets database, the agency has details on all cases being heard by the local judicial bodies, be they criminal or civil. The clerk of court’s office has another first to its credit, as it is the only agency that allows direct access to its repository through the public computers placed at the justice center. So, to find information on Adams County arrest warrants, you can go to:

  • The Police: PO Box 279, 301 Adams St, Friendship, Wisconsin 53934
  • The court: 402 Main St, Friendship, WI 53934
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 219, Friendship, Wisconsin 53934

In the eight-year period that started in 2001, only about 800 criminal incidents were brought to light in Adams County, Wisconsin. This is lower than the crime rates of many other areas in the state. However, through this interval, violent and overall crime rates almost doubled.

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