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Through an arrest warrant search in Langlade County, WI, you can find out about detentions that were effected under the provisions of a legal order and arrests made without a warrant. Contrary to popular perception, cops don’t always need an outstanding warrant to detain an accused. In fact, the sheriff’s office takes a call on whether to approach the court for an arrest warrant or apprehend the accused as it is, depending on several factors such as:

  • The nature of the crime: arrests are allowed without warrants in felonious matters. However, in case of misdemeanors, the offender can be detained without an arrest warrant only if a police officer witnessed the transgression.
  • The amount of information available about the offender: when the police do not know the name or the contact details of the criminal, seeking an active warrant from Langlade County can help to keep the matter active.
  • Current location of the accused: Finally, if the accused is absconding, with an outstanding warrant from Langlade County, cops can garner the support of other law enforcement agencies and even the FBI.

Whether the accused is detained with an arrest warrant or without one, records of the detention will be sent to the county clerk and the magistrate’s office, which will then prepare for the trial. As far as the issue of active warrants goes, the judiciary is involved in the process as the authoritative figure. So, to find details on Langlade County arrest records and outstanding warrants, you can approach any of the agencies listed below:

  • The Police: 840 Clermont St, Antigo, Wisconsin 54409
  • The court: 800 Clermont St, Antigo, WI 54409
  • The clerk of court: As above

Is it possible to get a hold of Langlade County’s warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (At the time of writing, 2021)      

  • Connect with the Langlade County Jail at 715-627-6444 to learn about recent arrests.
  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 715-627-6411 to request an arrest report.
  • Call the Clerk of Court at 715-627-6215 to learn about accessing court dockets and judicial records
  • Call the Langlade County Attorney’s Office at 715-627-6224 for victim’s assistance.

Crime statistics of Langlade County

The Langlade County Sheriff’s Department filed roughly 189 criminal reports in 2019. More than 107 of the crimes reported were property crimes, with only about 4 constituting crimes against people. The majority of property crime cases involved larceny-theft (85 cases) and burglary (16 cases). The complaints in the category of violent crimes included 2 cases of aggravated assault and 2 of rape, among other offenses.

Older crime statistics

In 50% of the criminal cases lodged in Langlade County, Wisconsin, the victim is very close to his home or office when he is targeted. That is a whopping 350 complaints out of the annual incident rate of over 700 cases. The violent crime rate of the area is at 5% of this figure.

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