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For an arrest warrant search in Taylor County, Wisconsin, there is only one area that you will need to visit, Medford. The judicial complex, which houses the offices of the magistrate, the county clerk, and the sheriff, is located here. These agencies all have a hand in one of the processes linked to active warrants. For instance, the sheriff’s office petitions the judiciary for the issue of arrest warrants.

They collect the evidence connected to a crime and take this to court. The affidavit is deliberated upon to establish probable cause against the suspect before an active warrant from Taylor County can be granted. Upon the issue of these directives, cops also make arrests under warrants. The magistrate’s court is the judicial entity that has been put in charge of releasing arrest warrants and other legal decrees, including criminal summons and bench orders.

The office of the county clerk imparts the function of records keeping. In keeping with their responsibility, they handle the court dockets for various cases heard by the area’s tribunals. This includes criminal matters as well as civil litigations. So, by approaching this agency, you can find out about Taylor County outstanding warrants, arrest records, and civil suits in the name of the subject.

Save for the county clerk’s office, the other two agencies will charge you for initiating an inquiry into Taylor County arrest warrants on your behalf. In return, you will be given a formal background report which will contain information on the issue of active warrants, arrests made, case dispositions, and incarceration. The clerk of court will only charge you if you need printed results. These state agencies are located at 224 S 2nd St, Medford, WI 54451.

The crime rate of Taylor County, Wisconsin, which was found to be at approximately 300 cases, may not be the highest in the state, but it has given residents plenty of cause for worry, as the rates of violent and reported crime grew by almost 70% in the recent past.

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