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If the idea of driving down to the office of a government department to get an arrest warrant search in Kewaunee County, WI done has not found favor with you, fret not. There are other, more convenient options which may work suitably for you. However, whether or not you can avail of the services of online information vendors for your inquiry on active warrants will depend on why you are seeking this information.

Often, a background report is required to be furnished to a potential employer, an immigration office, or an adoption agency. In these scenarios, you will not be able to work with just the information. To put it simply, you will need a hard copy of the criminal check that has been initiated in your name.

If the agency you have approached could not find any Kewaunee County arrest records or outstanding warrants in your name, they will need to certify this in writing and even get the document notarized, a common requirement for immigration. This can only be accomplished through a state department. For a formal inquiry into the issue of arrests warrants, you can get in touch with the agencies below:

  • The Police: 620 Juneau Street, Kewaunee, Wisconsin 54216,
  • The court: 613 Dodge St, Kewaunee, WI 54216
  • The clerk of court: 810 Lincoln Street, Kewaunee, Wisconsin 54216

There are also situations when getting information on the Kewaunee County active warrants and arrests in a person’s name will suffice. An example of this would be if you believe that a legal indiscretion committed in the past must have led to the issue of a detention directive and would now like to get it sorted out. For this, you can contact a private entity that provides details on arrest warrants by filling the form above.

Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, is one of the areas of the state where the crime rates seem to be in control. The county’s annual incident average stands at a bit over 200 cases, but only about3% of these are violent crimes. Although there was no movement in the area’s violent crime rates, reported criminal activity did grow by over 50% in the past few years.

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