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The county clerk’s office is one of the state triad that offers the facility to conduct an arrest warrant search in Grant County, WI. The clerk of court and his/her deputies have the job of maintaining information for the area’s judicial network and the state. This includes information on cases of criminal and civil nature.

So, it is understandable why personnel from the agency are frequently sighted, transcribing the case happening as the court is in session. Because this process starts with the pre-warrant hearing for criminal matters, the agency gets information on the release of Grant County arrest warrants as soon as they are handed over to the police.

As far as Grant County arrest records are concerned, details on detentions reach the agency with the returns of the active warrants from the sheriff’s office. After arrests are made under outstanding warrants, and the booking process is completed, the information gathered is sourced to the judiciary, including the county clerk’s office, for inclusion in their court dockets database.

Over time, more data is added to this file as the case proceeds through various stages. Apart from the fact that you can also get details on civil matters from the clerk of court’s office, another advantage of approaching this agency is that you can use their public service system to do a warrant search on your own. Besides the county clerk’s office, the other department that entertains requests for details on arrest warrants are:

  • Law enforcement agency: 1000 N Adams St, Lancaster, Wisconsin 53813
  • The county magistrate: 130 W. Maple Street, Lancaster, WI 53813
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 391, Lancaster, Wisconsin 53813

A little less than 600 criminal cases are filed in Grant County, Wisconsin, annually. Of the incidents reported, about 8% are of a violent nature. In recent years there has been a surprising growth of almost 90% in the figures of violent crime and reported criminal activity kept up with this increase, showing a rise of almost 60%.

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