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Although there are several options currently provided for an arrest warrant search in Douglas County, WI, none of these are online. You will need to follow the old-school method of visiting a state agency in person or writing to them to investigate the issue of active warrants and the arrest records in the name of your subject.

At this point, three justice agencies are handling requests pertaining to data on criminal history. These include the magistrate’s court, the department of the county clerk, and the sheriff’s office. Particularly if you need a background report for official reasons, such as seeking a job or a visa/stay in a foreign nation, you will need to go through these channels, as only state entities can provide a notarized and formal document pertaining to criminal checks.

However, if you are interested in merely finding out if somebody you know has a Douglas Countyoutstanding warrants or arrests to his name, it would be less time-consuming and more convenient to avail yourself the services of a third-party agency. While the addresses that you will need to touch base with government departments have been listed below, you need only fill the form on top of this web page for a private firm.

Most people choose to search for arrest warrants through third-party sites over state agencies because these establishments offer the provisions to conduct such inquiries online. However, another factor to consider is the extensiveness of the data offered by these agencies. You can get information on active warrants and arrest from all over the country.

  • The sheriff: 1316 N 14th Street Suite 100, Superior, Wisconsin 54880
  • The magistrate: 1313 Belknap St, Superior, WI 54880
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 847, Superior, Wisconsin 54880

If you need information on Douglas County recent arrest and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Office (715) 395-1371 if you want to conduct a warrant search or need an arrest report.
  • Call the Douglas County Jail at (715) 394-1375 if you’re looking for information on recent arrests.
  • Contact the Investigation Division at (715) 394-4432 (for victims only) if you want information regarding a criminal case.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court’s office at (715) 395-1203, if you are keen on accessing criminal case records.
  • Contact the District Attorney’s Office at (715) 395-1218 if you need information on victim support.

Crime statistics of Douglas County

The Douglas Sheriff’s Office got 199 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 226 in 2018. These comprised 92 property-related offenses and 107 violent offenses.

About 68 larceny thefts, and 24 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. Around 93 aggravated assaults, 7 rapes, and 5 robberies were included in the violent crimes category.At 1700 plus criminal incidents, Douglas County, Wisconsin, is in the state’s high crime bracket. Fortunately, the rate of violent crime is relatively low at less than 5% of this figure. Also, there was a minuscule movement in the area’s crime rates over the last few years.

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