Stabbing incident is Wisconsin Could be a Hate Crime!

The growing instances of hate crime have police departments across the country in a tizzy, with the latest suspected incident of the kind recorded in Wisconsin. Two people have been detained by the police in connection with a stabbing that appears to be racially motivated. The trouble started with a heated argument between two groups at a local convenience store. The two white men (Josh Morrow and Lucas Franklin) followed the two black men (the McGee Brothers) to their home after the altercation.

When one of the brothers ran inside the house to get a weapon, the two Caucasians hurled abuses at the other who was in the garage at that time. The older McGee tried to close the door, but Morrow and Franklin continued with their attempts at home invasion which led to the stabbing of Franklin by Morrow McGee.

The twosome then tried to escape in their car but crashed the vehicle. While Morrow fled from the scene of the crime and was arrested later, the police found Franklin in the car, with a stab wound. He is currently recovering from the injuries at a local hospital and is kept under guard. Morrow has been detained in the local probations hold. Charges in the matter are to be filed later but the Police Chief said that all of them are going to enhance the accusations of the incident being a hate crime since racial slurs were used by the two white men.