The Face of Crime gets Younger in St. Croix County, Wisconsin!

In what should serve as a wakeup call for law enforcement as well as Wisconsin communities, a 14 year old was arrested for armed robbery after a police chase of several hours that involved the Sheriffs’ Departments of both St. Croix County and Polk County. The juvenile defendant was finally cornered after two high speed chases and after he had stolen two vehicles and tried breaking into a home.

The teen went on a rampage for well over 24 hours in which time he crossed into three counties including Eau Clair County, which was his first stop on Monday morning. Police attempted to apprehend him twice but he managed to steal vehicles and led officers on a high speed chase often crossing the 100 MPH barrier, endangering other drivers on the highway.

After stealing his first vehicle, the juvenile managed to break into a home and tried to burglarize it at gun point. However, he managed to evade arrest as he left the scene of the crime before officers arrived. Subsequently, he abandoned the first stolen vehicle in the hopes of getting law enforcement agents off his trail.

He then managed to steal a pickup which he rolled over in Forest Lake, Minnesota. By Tuesday morning, several agencies including the police departments of both Polk and St. Croix County were involved in a manhunt for the dangerous teen, who was armed and obviously had little regard for the safety of others.

He was finally arrested in Polk County early in the morning on Tuesday. The police could nab him only after he lost control of the stolen pickup and crashed it. He was taken to the Fairview Wyoming Hospital to treat his injuries and was then transferred to the Juvenile Center in Anoka County. The matter is currently being handled by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. So, charges against him will also likely be filed in Polk County.